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cimoio aero – training management  for aviation industry

cimoio aero is the software solution for authorization and training management in the aviation industry. The training business in the aviation industry faces special challenges. We support aviation companies in implementing the regulations of the responsible authorities. In Germany, for example, those of the Federal Aviation Office and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). That’s why companies in this industry rely on the skills of cimoio in the context of training management and authorization management.

With the integrated training and authorization management, you ensure that employees and managers efficiently have an overview of all the necessary training courses that are necessary for complying with the regulations. This is how you guarantee compliance permanently and securely.

cimoio aero – industry-standard, that can be extended

With cimoio aero, we offer customers a function and module package that is tailored to the requirements of the aviation industry. Thanks to the modular structure of all cimoio product lines, this can be expanded as required.

And as with all cimoio product lines, the special strength is the adaptability of the software to customer-specific requirements.

cimoio aero – the functional package for training management

The training management forms the basis of the range of functions: from the catalog to the administration of educational products; From planning events to booking participants, everything you need is available.

In addition, the cimoio aero system consists of the following functional modules:

  • Qualification and authorization management for the efficient and automated administration of authorizations
  • Management of on-the-job training (ojt)
  • Implementation and documentation of assessments
  • Module for playing digital media such as eLearnings in SCORM format or augmented or virtual reality

Find out more about these and other technical modules that you can add to cimoio and cimoio aero.

cimoio aero – technical basics of the system 

Like the basic cimoio product, cimoio aero is also a web-based application and can therefore be accessed from any device with a browser and internet access.

The installation can take place on your local servers, you can order hosting from us or request a SaaS solution.

qamaas – focus version of cimoio aero for MRO

We also offer the most important functions and best practices of our cimoio aero solution as a standardized and compact SaaS package. With the qamaas product, we are addressing a market that is looking for software that requires as little effort as possible and very little training – basically a “click and play” solution.

The range of functions is limited to the elementary requirements in MRO training. Adjustments are only possible to a small extent – in contrast to cimoio aero, which has the flexibility of the original software. Find out more about qamaas directly on our focus website.

Example projects with cimoio aero

One success story is our project with the company Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services – a classic example of an application of cimoio aero in the aviation industry. At LTLS, MRO personnel are trained using cimoio aero. Read more in the success stories.

cimoio modules adapt to your needs!

Here you find more information about the base modul and also about the additional modules, that you can add individually and according to your need to support your processes in cimoio.


Success stories with cimoio

Here your find more information to projects, where we implemented cimoio successfully at customers and adapted it to theis business processes.