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Welcome to our cimoio Blog in english – a digital space dedicated to the possibilities of modern education through the lens of our integrated and modern Learning Management System (LMS) and Training Management System (TMS) cimoio. Here we dive deep into the world of educational innovation, pedagogical excellence and the seamless integration of technology. We equally improve the learning experience for teachers and learners and the work processes for the administrative staff.

Why our cimoio blog is important:

In a world rapidly changing with technology, education has also undergone a remarkable evolution. Our cimoio blog is your compass in this dynamic landscape. Here we explore the latest trends, share insights and participate in discussions on how to take full advantage of our LMS cimoio. Whether you are a teacher, student or lifelong learner. Or even personnel developers or product trainers: this blog is your treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge.

Let’s explore, learn and innovate together!

cimoio user meeting 2023

The annual cimoio user meeting of STL GmbH took place on Wednesday, July 5th, 2023 and Thursday, July 6th, 2023. With around 40 participants from 22 companies with whom we work, we set a new participant record. How appropriate for our anniversary year: STL GmbH turned...

Webinar on using cimoio

As STL GmbH, we are currently offering a webinar on using cimoio. cimoio is a learning management system (LMS) and training management system (TMS) - and as such, for many of our customers, it is the software that digitally supports the core processes of their...