About cimoio

The history of the training management software cimoio starts in 2003. That year, the freshly established company STL GmbH placed a software with the name ecadia on the market. 2016 STL GmbH changed the name, to make room for the product ecadia as a standard solution. Under ecadiaPro – the new product name – STL GmbH continued to market the very flexible and customer-adaptable training management software. 2021 STL GmbH finally decided to re-brand the product again, to furthr increase the distance to the standardized solution ecadia.

2021 – today: Renaming of ecadiaPro to cimoio

To distance ourselves from competitors we have reneamed our software from ecadiaPro to “cimoio” [ßiːmojo]. This has no technical impact on our product. However the new and unambiguous name allows us a more distinguished public image and more freedom in marketing and communication.

2016 – 2021: Renaming of ecadia to ecadiaPro

To avoid homonymity with ecadia GmbH and its product, our software was renamed to ecadiaPro in 2016. Both products are based on the original idea of PISA. ecadia follows a more standardized course while we at STL GmbH and our software ecadiaPro stay true to the original thought of following customer needs and current trends.

2003 – 2016: Founding of STL GmbH with product ecadia

In 2003 STL GmbH was founded with its product ecadia as a replacement for PISA. A large number of former PISA customers switched to ecadia to keep up their training business and their state-of-the-art standards.

cimoio modules adapt to your needs!

Here you find more information about the base modul and also about the additional modules, that you can add individually and according to your need to support your processes in cimoio.


Success stories with cimoio

Here your find more information to projects, where we implemented cimoio successfully at customers and adapted it to theis business processes.