Product line: cimoio aero

The product line cimoio aero is designed to support the processes of aviation companies. We offer a customizable complete solution for companies that provide in-company training and continuing education for internal or external employees in the aviation industry.

The most important feature is that cimoio aero is able to document training and the qualifications achieved. This documentation can comply with the regulations of the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or the rules of other authorities

With the “Authorization Management” module, we also offer functions that enable the automated assignment of job cards.

Range of functions for cimoio aero

The cimoio aero product line is based on the functions provided by cimoio compact.
This means that all functions relating to training management and qualification management are already included.

In addition, the following functions are available to users

  • Qualification management – included in cimoio compact
    • supplemented by variants for achieving a qualification
    • for example, documentation of 3/12 or 6/24 months of maintenance experience
    • Comprehensive reporting for managers and safety managers
  • Another module: Authorization management
    • for efficient and automated assignment of job cards
    • based on the results of qualification management
  • Administration of on-the-job training (ojt)
  • Implementation and documentation of assessments
  • Comprehensive resource management
    • Calendar management with drag & drop assignment
    • Digital content
      • can be offered stand-alone or in blended learning formats
      • SCORM formats, videos, PDFs, augmented/virtual reality, e. g. for human factors training

Interfaces in connection with cimoio aero

Customers who use our cimoio aero product line can build interfaces to existing systems as required.
These interfaces can be used either to import data into cimoio or to export data from cimoio. Bi-directional interfaces also exist, where data from another system is enriched and returned to cimoio or vice versa: data from cimoio is transferred to another system, enriched there and then returned to cimoio.

This is particularly common in the aviation industry:

  • ERPs (enterprise resource management systems) for billing purposes and for master data
  • HR systems (human resources systems or personnel management systems) for employee master data

We have years of experience in implementing these interfaces and therefore already have validated templates.
However, we cannot simply reuse an interface to a system to which we have already built an interface.
In most of the systems mentioned above, customizing was carried out by the customer, which we had to take into account when implementing a new interface.

Industries that cimoio aero helps

The product line cimoio aero is an industry solution for aviation. It focuses on end-to-end processes for training that are subject to strict regulations. Specifically, it addresses the needs of companies in the MRO sector (MRO = Maintenance, Repair, Operations). Of course, the functions can also be used for cabin crew and pilot training.

Several customers who have to meet the requirements of EASA part-145 have been using cimoio aero for years.

Example projects

In the aviation industry, STL GmbH has the great pleasure of working closely with Lufthansa Technik and other Lufthansa subsidiaries. We carried out an important cimoio aero project with Lufthansa Technik Logistik (LTLS).

LTLS has been working with STL GmbH since it was founded in 2003. During this period, LTLS has successfully used cimoio for training its approximately 2000 internationally distributed logistics experts at more than 30 locations.