Portal modules

Portals are the access via browsers to the work areas for your employees and customers. The functionally most complex portal is the organizer portal – the back end access for your employees who administrate your training products and events, plan your resources, and handle bookings. All other portals address users that do not access the back end but only front end visualizations of the content. Portals for employees, customers, instructors, and learners are, where they find the functionalites and information they need.

Organizer portal

The organizer portal is the backend access to cimoio. This is where the training administrators log in every day to design products, plan events, manage resources. Also, they manage bookings, communicate with their partners – whether for the commercial or the organizational process – and finally to call up and control the key figures.

This is where the daily worklist of the training administrators is located.

With Release 4.0, which we announced at the cimoio user meeting in July 2023, the operation and appearance will be brought up to the latest state of the art and graphical expectations.

Employee portal

When offering trainings for employees, the employee portal is the place where all trainings for your employees are found. In addition, it is the information and self-service center for everything in relation to training for your employees. With different parameters in the system, you can adjust the degree to which you allow your employees the freedom to learn when, how and what they want.

Also, employees with a supervisor role can find the necessary information here, e.g., state of mandatory trainings, qualification efforts for the future. Open tasks, like decisions about employee requests for external trainings not found in the internal catalog, can be executed here.

In addition, the employee portal is the place where employees have access to the training portfolio you offer that can be booked for themselves or for the team they supervise – if you choose to allow that.

Instructor portal

The instructor portal allows you to focus relevant information and functionalities for your instructors, whether they are employees or external instructors – you can manange for each of these two groups, what they can see and do. The instructor portal is especially worthwhile for instructors working full-time, since you can place all their work related tasks here – and for instructors who execute trainings at customer locations, since they can access all relevant information via the internet.

In addition, the instructor portal in co-opertation with the learner portal offers additional advantages, like manually unlocking e-tests at the moment you want your participants to start an exam.

Booking portal – online shop

The booking portal presents the training portfolio you offer for sale in an appealing fashion. To this end, we set up your portal in your corporate design and arrange the catalog with your portfolio.

In addition, with the booking portal we offer automated processes for user registration or log-in for your customers as well as a shopping cart including an order process for your online shop. This way, your customers create their own entry in your cimoio database. Later, as returning customers, they can see the information you provided for them. That can be previous bookings, qualification information (e.g., if they are expired after a period of time), or team views if you allow customers to book for other customers.

Learner portal

This portal is dedicated to the aspect of supporting ongoing training efforts. That means, that from the moment a learner logs-in, the current training event or current learning element is put to the front. This way, the focus of the learner is entirely turned on the current training and the digital elements necessary in this context.

Additional functionality like a library of previously used learning material rounds off the range of functions.

We also built an app specifically for the presentation of this portal for our customer KUKA. It is currently being used for product training at the KUKA Colleges. Here, participants are given tablets for the duration of the training, on which they are immediately directed to the event they are currently attending via QR code login.

As far as the basis module can reach!

Here, you can find more information about the basis module of cimoio, which processes are covered by it, and how those are connected to additional modules.

Success stories with cimoio

Here your find more information to projects, where we implemented cimoio successfully at customers and adapted it to theis business processes.

Our modules to adapt cimoio

Here, you find descriptions of our additional modules, that you can use to adapt cimoio to your use case and ensure a seamless training process.