cimoio and modules – the basis module, technical modules and portals

cimoio is the training management system from STL GmbH. cimoio and cimoio modules give you the freedom to use the modules in addition to the basic module and to design portals that create added value for your training management. This means you can expand your cimoio over time in a way as is advantageous and necessary for your application. Experience shows that it makes sense to start with the essential functions, modules and portals first. But keep your vision in mind! Then with each further step you can take into account where you want to develop your cimoio as support for your training management.

What is cimoio?

Is cimoio a Learning Management System (LMS)? A Training Management System (TMS)? an LXP? Or even all three?

The answer is the common response: “That depends…”

That depends on how you intend to use cimoio. On which modules you activate and how you configure your portals. We have explained the most important terms in the field of digital learning for you from our perspective. And also how cimoio positions itself in the context of LMS, TMS and LXP.

The cimoio basis module

The cimoio basis module enables you to execute all processes surrounding you trainings in an efficient and well arranged way. Starting with the maintenance of your catalog and the included training products via the planning and creation of training events up to the booking done by you, your employees, or your customers – cimoio supports you.

In addition there are functionalities to store customer data for commercial processes or information obligations for audits concerning completed trainings – all while observing the regulations of GDPR! – and to manage information about training resources like equipment, rooms, and instructors.

The cherry on top is the qualification management, which helps you to ensure that your training administration can control the goals for employee development or customer trainings.

All this can be analyzed with individualized reports by cimoio keep up your continuous improvement process.

The technical modules

cimoio’s technical modules support specific aspects of your work: either domain specific aspects, derived from the nature of your training business – e.g. because you operate a hotel – or technical requirements, that can come from the (organizational) structures of your company – e.g. clients for different training locations.

You can add different modules to cimoio to support all those processes, that are not covered by the basic module.

The portal modules

cimoio supports different target groups, so that each target group can focus on what they expect to find in cimoio. For this, we offer five dedicated portals, which include functions and data views based on six typical roles around learning:

The organizer portal is the entry point to the cimoio-backend, used mainly by administrators for the management of products, events, and bookings.

The employee portal is for employees and usually accessible by single-sign-on from within the intranet. If an employee also has the role of supervisor or internal instructor, they are assigned additional rights, which extend their functionalities and views.

The instructor portal is for instructors. These can be employees or external persons. In case they are employees, the portal is integrated with the employee portal. If they are external, this portal is based on a version of the booking portal.

The booking portal is the access point for external customers and instructors. Here, customers can find the public catalog as well as processes for registration and shopping-cart. The external instructors can find their training contents, participant lists, and all additional information that you provide them with.

The learner portal is the access point for cimoio user that are “only” here for learning – as opposed to ordering trainings or administrating them. The focus lies on digital contents, free from catalogs, booking masks, or training history. Users see eLearnings, PDF-files, videos, or other learning material. This portal is particularly attractive for customer trainings, where the activities of learning and ordering the trainings are usually done by different persons.

As far as the basis module can reach!

Here, you can find more information about the basis module of cimoio, which processes are covered by it, and how those are connected to additional modules.

Our modules to adapt cimoio

Here, you find descriptions of our additional modules, that you can use to adapt cimoio to your use case and ensure a seamless training process.

The best booking portals we have designed

Corporate identity and employer branding are highly important factors for presenting your trainings and brand in a good-looking and accessible way. Our booking portals can help you achieve that!