Product line: cimoio certify

The cimoio certify product line is designed to support the processes of companies whose training tasks are driven by legal requirements. STL GmbH offers a customizable complete solution for this. This enables companies to adapt their in-company training and further education ideally to the specific requirements of their industry. We support companies both when they offer training to internal employees and when they offer training to external and freelance employees.

The particular strength of cimoio certify lies in the consistent tracking of planned qualification measures. And the detailed documentation of learning times with regard to the fulfillment of verification obligations. This means that frequently recurring training courses such as compliance, data protection or, for example, money laundering prevention can be planned and carried out within the desired time frame. But cimoio certify is also a suitable solution for training in accordance with the following regulations:

  • IDD (insurance)
  • GxP (pharmaceuticals)
  • CME (medicine)
  • Further training according to § 15 FAO n.F. (lawyer)
  • BKrFQG (bus drivers)
  • LMHV (food (retail) trade)
  • and many more

Range of functions

The cimoio certify product line is based on the functions provided by cimoio compact.
This means that all functions relating to training management and qualification management are already included.

In addition, the following functions are available to users

  • Qualification management – included in cimoio compact
    • supplemented by functions for tracking individual pro rata learning times
    • Extrapolation of learning times in modules and learning plans
    • Automatic or manual allocation of learning times depending on attendance
    • Comprehensive reporting for managers
    • Precise documentation for the fulfillment of verification obligations
  • Comprehensive resource management
    • Calendar management with drag & drop assignment
    • Digital content
      • can be offered on its own or in blended learning formats
      • SCORM formats, videos, PDFs
  • Optional: online store with registration function

Interfaces in connection with cimoio certify

Customers who use our cimoio certify product line can build interfaces to existing systems as required.
These interfaces can be used either to import data into cimoio or to export data from cimoio. Bi-directional interfaces also exist, in which data from another system is enriched and returned to cimoio or vice versa: data from cimoio is transferred to another system, enriched there and then returned to cimoio.

This is particularly common in the retail, banking and insurance sectors:

We have already gained some experience with the implementation of interfaces and have developed a procedure.
This enables us to create interfaces efficiently. Even if we cannot simply copy an interface to a system that we have already built before.
In most customer systems, technical customization is carried out, which makes it necessary to create each interface individually.

Industries that cimoio certify helps

As mentioned at the beginning, the cimoio certify product line was created for companies whose training courses are subject to statutory regulations on proof of learning obligations.

This includes, for example, the retail trade with money laundering prevention or the food (retail) trade with the LMHV, banks and insurance companies with IDD learning periods and practically every company that has compliance or data protection training on its agenda.

We help companies with the entire qualification process:

  • Training product
    • Which training courses provide which qualifications?
    • How is the training delivered – face-to-face, digitally or in blended learning format?
  • Learners
    • Which people or groups of people need which qualifications?
    • At what frequency or on what date?
    • Can they only be reached through training measures or by other means?
  • Events
    • When and by what means will a training course be held?
    • Should people be booked in automatically or should this be done personally and individually?
  • Documentation
    • Which person has achieved which qualification through which measure and when?
    • Possibly also documented by a certificate

Example project for cimoio certify

One of STL GmbH’s most important projects with cimoio certify is our project with the Hannover Insurance Group (VGH).

VGH is the largest public insurer in Lower Saxony. We have been using cimoio certify to support VGH’s sales qualification and personnel development teams in training their team members since 2014. In particular, our product helps them to cope with the increasing IDD verification requirements. We also support automation, for example in the area of processes for internal applications for the financing of training and further education.