Product line: cimoio industry

The cimoio industry product line is geared towards the training processes of industrial companies. We offer a customizable complete solution for companies in the manufacturing industry. We support in-house training and further training for employees as well as product training for internal and external parties.

The special feature here is that cimoio industry manages both employee data and customer data. It masters the associated processes for internal billing as well as the processes for order processing. And the organization of events in which both employees and external persons participate is child’s play with cimoio industry. There is also a sophisticated resource management system that can be used to manage equipment, rooms and trainers for training sessions.

Range of functions

The cimoio industry product line is based on the functions provided by cimoio compact.
This means that all functions relating to training management and qualification management are already included.

In addition, the following functions are available to users:

  • Comprehensive resource management for complex planning processes
    • Calendar management with drag & drop assignment
    • Equipment management including
      • for managing the hardware required for product training
      • can also be maintained with different configurations
    • Detailed trainer management included
      • Trainer qualifications for the dynamic generation of trainer suggestions for event facilities
    • Room management
      • Can also be synchronized with room management tools via interfaces
    • Digital content
      • can be offered stand-alone or in blended learning formats
      • SCORM formats, videos, PDFs
      • Experience with tools for editing PDFs
  • Customer management
    • Mapping of organizational structures
    • Role assignments for structuring contact persons
    • Process documentation from initial contact to quotation
    • Target group allocation
    • Reporting of sales and participant days
    • Personalized catalogs
  • Order processing
    • Process for documenting the process up to the creation of the quotation.
    • Documentation of quotation and incoming orders
    • Order confirmation with detailed items
    • Processes for invoicing and accounting status
  • Multilingualism and multiliteracies
    • Non-Latin characters
      • can be saved in the database
      • displayed on the surface in standard right-left notation
      • are included in parallel to latin character on masks for clerks
  • Optional: online store with registration function

Interfaces in connection with cimoio industry

Customers who use our cimoio academy product line can build interfaces to existing systems as required.
These interfaces can be used either to import data into cimoio or to export data from cimoio. Bi-directional interfaces also exist, where data from another system is enriched and returned to cimoio or vice versa: data from cimoio is transferred to another system, enriched there and then returned to cimoio.

This is particularly common in the education provider environment:

  • ERPs (Enterprise Resource Management Systems) for billing purposes and for master data
    • SAP
    • Oracle Netsuite
  • CRMs (customer relationship management software) for customer master data
    • Salesforce
  • Other LMS (learning management systems) or training provider catalogs
    • Saba / Cornerstone
    • SAP SuccessFactors
  • PIMs (product information management software)
    • Noxum – Publishing Studio
  • Access management
    • Visitor management systems

We have a lot of experience in implementing interfaces and a tried-and-tested approach.
An interface to a system for which we have already built an interface cannot simply be copied.
In most of the systems mentioned above, customizing has been carried out, which must be taken into account.

Range of functions

In industry, product training is often an important part of the after-sales process. On the one hand, these training courses are linked to marketing and sales because they are sometimes sold together with core products. On the other hand, they are also linked to personnel development because new employees should also get to know the product portfolio.

On the one hand, this makes it necessary to do billing as part of the order processing process. On the other hand, costs for employees may need to be charged internally. Sufficient processes are available in cimoio industry for the respective participant group.

These two processes are often already mapped in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools and the information should only be transferred via an interface for further processing. That’s why, thanks to our experience with um systems, cimoio is now ideally suited to be embedded into the existing IT tool and process landscape.

So does your manufacturing company implement product training processes and are these part of a complex network of IT systems and process steps? Then cimoio industry is the product line that provides targeted support in the digitalization and automation of these processes.

Example project for cimoio industry

Our most important project in the industrial environment is the “KUKA LMS” project with the internationally active automation group KUKA from Augsburg. We introduced cimoio as an LMS in a project that ran from 2015 to 2020. It is used for internal personnel development in the KUKA Academy as well as for training management of product training in the KUKA Colleges. It has now been rolled out to 26 national companies and is available in 18 languages.

In 2024, the eLearningJournal awarded us the award in the “Project Management” subject area.