cimoio the industry solution for training management

cimoio is the industry solution for training management. It is a Training Management System (TMS) applicable as a solution for any industry. The industries of our customers are manifold. But there are domains from which we have more than one customer whose training management we support. This diversity allows us to prove ourselves in various domains. We have small customers and globally acting companies in our portfolio. We easen the work life of training providers, banks and insurances, manufacturing and trade companies as well as service businesses. Also companies from the aviation and public transport sector trust in the capabilities of cimoio.

Training Management System for training providers

For training providers like private academies, learning is the central process of their business. cimoio supports these training providers by digitalizing their processes end-to-end. We support processes from product management via mangement and implementation of training events to the administration and handling of bookings. Internal and external invoicing can also be managed with cimoio.

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Training Management System for trade, banks, and insurances

Trade, banks, and insurances are domains, in which services are written with a capital ‘S’, explaining the need for trainings for communication in various forms. Since these industries are also involved strongly with money-flows, there is a large number of mandatory trainings. In addition, this can include training for money laundry prevention. Also, especially in the field of insurance trainings, implementing and documenting the insurance-distribution-directive (IDD) is important.

Training Management System for manufacturing companies

In the domain of manufacturing, the focus is often on product trainings. These trainings are usually connected with sales and marketing, since these trainnigs are often jointly sold with the core products of the manufacturer. There are necessary processes for order management, to also integrate the processes for invoicing. These are often implementented in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. Therefore it is necessary to integrate cimoio into the already existing landscape of IT tools and processes.

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cimoio aero – Training Management System for aviation

The aviation industry, especially the divisions MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations), requires intensive training efforts. In addition, there are many regulations for training in this field. These make it necessary to provide evidence that employees – at the time of being assigned a task – have had a current and valid state of qualification for that task. cimoio aero handles the administration of the necessary qualifications as well as the check of the validity for the qualification during the assignment of the task with our authorization management.

Training Management System for other industries

Besides the previously named domains, we also support customers from completely different industry domains. There are companies from the sector of public transport, telemarketing, but also, for example, a club that proposes regular events for its members. Meaning: even if you do not find your domain represented above – do not hesitate to contact us. We are convinced, that we can offer you a solution as well!

cimoio modules adapt to your needs!

Here you find more information about the base modul and also about the additional modules, that you can add individually and according to your need to support your processes in cimoio.


Success stories with cimoio

Here your find more information to projects, where we implemented cimoio successfully at customers and adapted it to theis business processes.