Product line: cimoio custom

The cimoio custom product line is of course still an LMS. But…

The ideas and functions of the learning management system cimoio are simply used here for other tasks. These are mostly to be assigned to the area of event management. The point of contact here is that event management is at the center of the system. Just like a training event. The role of the person giving the training is reinterpreted as a lecturer or the person leading the event. Participants remain participants.

Digital correspondence, the booking functions (including self-booking) and the online catalog are particularly popular elements that are useful to users. The organization of rooms and hotel rooms is also important for the efficient handling of events via cimoio custom.

In cases that deviate more strongly from the brand essence of cimoio compact, for example, we have implemented the preparation and subsequent invoicing of trips via cimoio custom.

Range of functions

The cimoio custom product line uses the BASIC set of functions from cimoio custom.
Of these, however, primarily those that fit the customer’s use case are used – and adapted if necessary.

These are

  • Catalog management
  • educational products
  • Resources
    • Creation of the resource types location and room, trainer and equipment
    • Management via resource calendar with drag & drop function
    • Management of hotel and hotel room contingents
  • Events management
  • Partner management
  • Bookings
  • Optional: Online store with registration function
  • Optional: Functions created individually for the customer
    • for example: Travel expense report for participants

Interfaces in connection with cimoio custom

Interfaces are very different, especially for customers who use cimoio custom.

Part of cimoio’s flexibility lies in our many years of experience in connecting the most diverse systems. Customers also benefit from this when choosing cimoio custom.

Industries that cimoio custom helps

Whereas the other product lines can be assigned relatively clearly to sectors, this is practically impossible with cimoio custom. With this product line, we serve associations, insurance companies and audit committees. Based on the user base, it is more likely that cimoio custom will be used wherever event management with very specific – standard market – requirements is involved. We can close this gap very well with cimoio custom.

Example project for cimoio custom

With cimoio custom, for example, we helped the Central Examination Board (ZPA) North-West to digitize their event organization. We also used cimoio custom to support and accelerate their travel organization and travel accounting process for participants.