cimoio: STL GmbH‘s professional training management software


The cimoio basic module has everything your training management needs

But we understand that training processes in different companies work differently. Therefore, custom-made modules are available to adapt cimoio to your use case. And if that is not  enough, we offer diverse customizings, to implement your requirements.

What is cimoio?

Is cimoio a LMS? A TMS? A LXP? Learn more about these terms and which “cap” cimoio wears.

cimoio basic module

The cimoio basic module contains everything you need for your training management processes.

Specialized modules

With specialized modules, you can add functionalities to cimoio, that support domain-specific tasks.

Technical modules

Technical modules help, to adapt cimoio to specific tasks in your company.


Portals in cimoio focus on different target groups: our portals are adapted to the needs of specific user groups.


Via interfaces, we ensure the communication between cimoio and other systems in your IT landscape.

Our customers

Our customer base has been growing continually since the founding of STL GmbH – and so have we with our customers and their requirements. Find out here, which customers trust our expertise and experience. Learn, how we support our customers: departments that train employees as well as departments that take care of external participants.

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Training provider

Present large portfolios well-arranged

In this sector the portfolios are usually wide in subjects and with various topics in more detail. This needs to be presented well to customers. In addition, especially digital content needs to be easily accessible.


An IT-environment shaped by ERPs and a strong pressure to innovate

In this domain, often strong interconnections to the surrounding IT systems are required. The costs of trainings are either charged via inter-company invoicing or quote, order confirmation and invoicing to external customers. Due to the overlap of tasks between internal and external training, for reasons of data minimization and separate reportings, the introduction of database clients is common.

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Trade, banks, and insurance companies

Regular mandatory trainings and everchanging legal frameworks

In these domains many mandatory trainings need to be regularly repeated: Compliance, money laundering prevention as well as trainings for changes in the third Basel accord or the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD). Mandatory trainings are easily maintained in cimoio, since it offers  dashboards and booking processes so you and your team achieve your training goals.


Regulation and the resulting complex authorization

Trainings for MRO personnel in this domain are submitted to strict rules. To ensure this, the Luftfahrt Bundesamts (Federal Aviation Office) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have issued regulations, how the MRO personnel needs to be trained. cimoio maps these qualifications and interprets them before authorising an employee for any mission on the airfield or in a workshop. This way cimoio ensures, that the regulations are observed.

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Success stories about training management with cimoio

“Our customer can best tell you, what they like about cimoio”

Read about how our customers apply cimoio: starting with simple basic installations up to complex systems for globally acting enterprises. STL GmbH does not shy away from any challenge with cimoio!  Be inspired by our customer success stories!


Not only do we help you to digitalize your training business…

… but we also help you to become ever more efficient. Our trainings and webinars about the use of cimoio show you, how you get faster in using cimoio, to find the shortest way to the information, and how you can integrate your time management into cimoio.

cimoio backend-user questions?

Trainings for beginners, advanced users, and experts help to discover functionalities and find your way as a user in cimoio as well as to use them to maximize efficiency.

Questions about cimoio administration?

No matter, whether you are responsible for the technical administration of a part of cimoio or a complete installation – we show you, which tasks to tackle and how.

Looking for a (new) LMS?

Then come to one of our regular webinars and find out, whether we can solve your use case!

Questions about functionalities?

You have specific functionalities you don’t understand? That you look for, but can’t find? That don’t do what you expect? Talk to us and let’s arrange a meeting.


You are Java-developer, frontend or backend – server administrator or have other talents that you would like to share with us? Then check our job postings!

cimoio user meeting 2023

The annual cimoio user meeting of STL GmbH took place on Wednesday, July 5th, 2023 and Thursday, July 6th, 2023. With around 40 participants from 22 companies with whom we work, we set a new participant record. How appropriate for our anniversary year: STL GmbH turned...

Webinar on using cimoio

As STL GmbH, we are currently offering a webinar on using cimoio. cimoio is a learning management system (LMS) and training management system (TMS) - and as such, for many of our customers, it is the software that digitally supports the core processes of their...