Product line: cimoio academy

The product line cimoio academy is designed to support the processes of training providers. We offer a customizable complete solution for companies that offer in-company training and continuing education for any type of training. cimoio academy supports companies both, if they work on the open market and if they are AZAV-certified and therefore bill state institutions.

We provide support in the administration of both in-house and external training staff. The cimoio academy product line also supports you in the administration and dispatch of your physical equipment, such as textbooks, as well as the distribution of digital learning content.

Range of functions

The cimoio academy product line is based on the functions provided by cimoio compact.
This means that all functions relating to training management and qualification management are already included.

In addition, the following functions are available to users:

  • Comprehensive resource management
    • Calendar management with drag & drop assignment
    • Detailed trainer management including
      • Management of agreed daily rates
      • Marking of preferred suppliers
      • CVs for presenting expertise
    • Equipment management included
      • Support for sending hard copies
  • Digital content
    • can be offered on its own or in blended learning formats
    • SCORM formats, videos, PDFs
  • Customer management
    • Mapping of organizational structures
    • Role assignments for structuring contact persons
    • Process documentation from initial contact to quotation
    • Target group allocation
    • Reporting of sales and participant days
    • Personalized catalogs
  • Order processing
    • Calculation based on
      • Planned costs (e.g. for external trainers, room rental)
      • Planned revenue based on unit price or flat rate
    • Documentation of quotation and incoming orders
    • Order confirmation with detailed items
    • Processes for invoicing and accounting status
  • Optional: online store with registration function

Interfaces in connection with cimoio academy

Customers who use our cimoio academy product line can build interfaces to existing systems as required.
These interfaces can be used either to import data into cimoio or to export data from cimoio. Bi-directional interfaces also exist, where data from another system is enriched and returned to cimoio or vice versa: data from cimoio is transferred to another system, enriched there and then returned to cimoio.

This is particularly common in the education provider environment:

  • ERPs (enterprise resource management systems) for billing purposes and for master data
    • SAP
    • Oracle Netsuite
  • CRMs (customer relationship management systems) for customer master data
    • Salesforce
  • Other LMS (learning management systems) or training provider catalogs
    • Saba / Cornerstone
    • SAP SuccessFactors
  • CMS (content management systems) for online presentation of the portfolio
    • Typo3

We have a lot of experience in the implementation of interfaces and a tried and tested approach.
An interface to a system to which we have already built an interface cannot simply be copied.
In most of the systems mentioned above, customizing has been carried out, which must be taken into account.

Industries that cimoio academy helps

The cimoio academy product line primarily addresses the needs of training providers and academies. It focuses on supporting the end-to-end process of a company whose central product is training.

This means that cimoio accompanies all steps in the product life cycle:

  • Educational product:
    • Design of training products
    • Attractive presentation in a catalog
    • versioning
  • Events:
    • Event planning and organization
    • Easily accessible booking/ordering for participants
    • Support for the Academy during implementation
    • follow-up
  • Resource management:
    • Trainer management
    • Room management
    • Equipment management
    • for both internal and external resources!
  • Order processing:
    • Quotation preparation
    • Order preparation and confirmation
    • invoicing

Example projects

STL GmbH’s lighthouse project with cimoio academy is our project with the Sparkassenakademie Baden-Württemberg (german only).

We have been supporting the Sparkassenakademie Baden-Württemberg (SABW) since STL GmbH was founded. We also supported them during their move from their two locations in Baden-Württemberg to their new location in Stuttgart at Pariser Platz behind Stuttgart’s main railway station. During these years, we have worked with cimoio to accompany SABW’s transition from a traditional provider of face-to-face training to a modern and contemporary provider of training in all forms.

In contrast to the Sparkassenakademie, which works with a mixture of face-to-face and digital content, the JARO Akademie is a purely digital academy. In our joint project, the main focus was on smooth but GDPR-compliant processing of online purchases and direct (online) consumption of the purchased content.