cimoio webinars and trainings for 2023/2024

The summer break is approaching. Leave work behind, soak up the sun, maybe exercise or perhaps delicious cocktails. We all know it – and the greater the relaxation factor, the sooner we realize after the holiday: Things that we rarely do or have only recently introduced are not as firmly established as we thought. It’s good that there are cimoio webinars and trainings for 2023/2024!

In addition, new colleagues often start after the holidays. They also need solid information to be able to get to work both effectively and efficiently.

cimoio webinars for user

Do you already have experience with cimoio? Wonderful.

But you have a few questions about specific functional areas? Also, good!

Because we have planned webinars for the cimoio functions that support complex tasks in their processes.

The webinar concept is planned to be particularly easy on your time budget: Several two-hour learning units, each of which illuminates a well-defined area of the overall topic. You can decide for yourself how intensively you want to participate, depending on your level of education.

There is always a period between the learning units to:

  • try it out in the system adapted to your own needs
  • to think through conceptually, whether one recognizes problems thereby
  • collect questions

and then to ask the questions at the follow-up appointment.

In this way, you will practically grow step by step with the progressing cimoio webinars in 2023/2024.

Webinars are not intended for training and practice during the webinar. Rather, they should represent a topic in its depth, universally applicable and across systems. Tests and exercises can be carried out between the dates and questions can be brought along and asked among the participants.

The specific cimoio webinars

At the current time (status: 07/2023) we have planned two specific webinars: one on the topic “Use of digital learning materials and learning plans” and another on the topic “Qualification Management“.

Anyone who follows us closely knows: they have happened before! Absolutely right.

And because the participants were altogether very satisfied with cimoio webinars and trainings, we plan to include these webinars in the program on a permanent basis. On the one hand, there are regular innovations in this area. On the other hand, the persons responsible at our customers change again and again. It helps if these are picked up right at the start from a technical point of view.

Webinar “Use of digital learning materials and learning plans”

Have you already come across the following questions while working with cimoio?

  • I would like to provide a series of videos for my participants – what is the best way to do this?
  • The participants should work through the learning units in a learning plan in a specific order! How do I set this order?
  • Can I use various digital elements as part of a face-to-face seminar? If yes: how?

Then this webinar is for you! You will get to know the wide range of cimoio in dealing with various digital learning materials. Especially in the context of learning plans that help you to map your complex blended learning concepts.

Content of the webinar:

  • Classroom seminars and attached documents
  • Digital documents attached to the product, event and booking
  • Use of digital learning materials
  • Differences of files as documents, learning materials and products
  • WBTs as a supplement to face-to-face seminars
  • Presence seminar with learning plan
  • direct learning plan

Duration of webinar:

4 learning units of 2 hours each result in 8 total hours

Start date:


Execution medium:

Microsoft Teams

Webinar “Qualification Management”

Whether compulsory training or educational modules that build on one another, annual training, or an overview of the current level of education: all of this can not only be mapped wonderfully with the qualification management in cimoio but can also be efficiently automated.

In this webinar you will get to know cimoio’s “Qualification Management” module from the basics to the technical special cases. Then you have all the information on how cimoio can support you in solving your tasks.

The range of topics is conveyed here in an informative manner. For training – especially regarding the cimoio adapted to your company – speak to your customer advisor.

 Content of the webinar:

  • Terminology in qualification management
  • Object relation for qualifications – people
  • Object relation for qualifications – training products
  • Qualification Profiles
  • Manage qualifications
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • waiting period
  • Reminders and autoamated bookings

 This is a webinar series, the dates of which build on each other. Participation in individual appointments is not possible.

Duration of webinar:

4 learning units of 2 hours each result in 8 total hours

Start date:


Execution medium:

Microsoft Teams

cimoio trainings for users

You don’t have that much experience with cimoio yet? Fine.

But do you have a specific function or role that you should grow into? Not an issue at all!

Because we have planned training courses for you for dedicated roles in the system – from beginners to advanced users – as well as complex but much-used functional areas.

You come to us in Bad Cannstatt for two days and receive training on site:

  • starting with their level of knowledge
  • with explanations
  • with exercises

so that you can go home after our cimoio training for 2023/2024 with the secure feeling that you have the task ahead of you under control.

The specific user trainings

The training falls into one of two categories. On the one hand, we offer role-based training. On the other hand, we also offer training in specific functional areas.

Role-based training considers all the necessary concepts, views, and functions that one should know and be able to use in this role.

The training courses on specific functional areas revolve around concepts, views, and functions in order to be able to use a specific function in its full depth.

Role-specific cimoio training

These trainings address the specific needs of cimoio users in a specific role. Currently these are:

  • Basics for organizers, i.e. the role that is usually entrusted with the following tasks in cimoio:
  • Training for cimoio administrators. These are the customer’s supervisors of the cimoio system, who administer the system from a professional point of view – not technically. This includes tasks such as:
    • Grant and revoke permissions
    • Manage system variables
    • See logs in order to be able to research independently in the event of incidents
User training cimoio basics

Have you just started working with cimoio? Because you have just purchased cimoio or just switched to a team that uses cimoio?

And now you would like to get an overview as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can familiarize yourself with it afterwards with a good base knowledge?

Then this user training is just right for you!

 Contents of the training:

  • Overview of functionality (role concepts, different views, educational catalogue)
  • Basic functions (login, user settings)
  • Overview of various educational products (face-to-face, WBT, learning plan)
  • Product management (general values, content, logistics profile, equipment, planned costs, trainers, and rooms)
  • Event management (creation, status, values)
  • Booking management (various booking options, cancellation, reservation)
  • Resource management (trainers, rooms, equipment)
  • Mailing
  • ToDos and ToDo templates

Duration of the training:

2 days

 Start date:



On site at STL GmbH in Bad Cannstatt

User training cimoio administration

You have introduced cimoio as a system or have been using it for some time. And now your fingers are itching to understand more and more things better in the background? Maybe even do simple administrative settings yourself?

Then this training is perfectly tailored to your needs!

Contents of the training:

  • infrastructure
  • data model
  • Surface
  • Authorization management
  • System configuration
  • logging

Duration of the training:

2 days

Start date:



On site at STL GmbH in Bad Cannstatt

Function-specific cimoio training

This training addresses the needs of cimoio users to explore the possibilities of a specific function in cimoio in depth. Currently these are:

  • Email and HTML-to-PDF templates:
    • The charm of templates lies in their reusability.
    • But they also harbour risks:
      • Without an understanding of the optimal use of variables, the number of templates can grow rapidly.
      • Language variants in combination with working with technical clients raise complexity.
  • E tests
    • As a self-test with different question pools for variety and automatic result output?
    • Or as a digital final test with automatic assignment of digital certificates?
    • Or do you still need classic full-text questions that one (or more) trainers then must check and evaluate?
User training e-mail and HTML-to-PDF templates

One key to using automation wisely is to have templates that can be reused as often as possible. This requires knowledge of how placeholders or variables work in cimoio.

This applies to both mail templates and HTML-to-PDF templates, which are primarily used for automatically generated PDF certificates.

Contents of the training:

  • Overview of templates and placeholders
  • Creation and copying of e-mail templates
  • Import/Export of email templates
  • Creation of a new HTML-to-PDF template
  • Dealing with merge fields/placeholders
  • Handling of Apache FreeMarker™
  • Working with multiple clients

Duration of the training:

2 days

Start date:

Currently no concrete start date, planning for 2024


On site at STL GmbH in Bad Cannstatt

User training E-Test

Whether you want to provide learners with self-tests to practice for a final exam or want to check their level of knowledge before awarding certificates: there are a variety of uses for e-tests that go beyond pure final tests.

Contents of the training:

  • Basics for creating e-tests, which settings are required, how the tests are evaluated, how questions are assigned
  • Creation of questions: what question types are there, how new questions are created, or existing ones are assigned, how different question types are evaluated
  • Assignment to educational products: what needs to be considered and what options are there
  • and much more about the E-Test

 Duration of the training:

2 days

Start date:



On site at STL GmbH in Bad Cannstatt

Individual cimoio trainings

Is your system particularly well adapted or do your processes have a very specific feature? And now you’re worried that you won’t hear what you need in the “general” cimoio webinars and trainings for 2023/2024?

In this case, too, we will of course take care of you!

Talk to us centrally – for example via our contact form – or via your supervisor. Then we will clarify how we can best help you with individualized training.

Contact us!

We hope, that our choice of cimoio webinars and trainings for 2023/2024 contains topics relevant for you! If you would like to talk to us about the topics of our webinars or training courses, send us an email or use our contact form.

We also look forward to your comments on our webinars and trainings if you were there! Let us know!

Webinar on using cimoio

As STL GmbH, we are currently offering a webinar on using cimoio. cimoio is a learning management system (LMS) and training management system (TMS) – and as such, for many of our customers, it is the software that digitally supports the core processes of their company.

Core processes are the essence of a company’s experiences. Depending on the amount of experience that comes together, this process can be correspondingly complex. One of the most important properties of cimoio is that it adapts to the individual needs of our customers, which arise from this complexity.

This adaptability means that with the growing complexity of the processes, dealing with cimoio is no longer child’s play. Therefore, we want to make sure that all cimoio users are aware of the functional options they have in cimoio and how best to use the functions.

That’s why we at STL GmbH have been planning to offer training for a long time. Our growth has finally presented us with the opportunity to put the plan into action.

Various topics for webinars

We always find that there is a need for discussion, especially in the case of topics with deep technical significance and many functional options for solving problems.

There was an immediate need in the area of ​​qualification management. In addition, topics such as the use of learning materials and dealing with the various types of educational products were also part of the discussion.

We are now gradually preparing webinars on the most popular topics.

Webinar on tusing the qualification management – status: carried out

Initially, the need for a webinar on using cimoio was most urgent in the field of qualification management. That’s why we set up a webinar series for this at the end of 2022. Qualification management is one of our key competencies, which is particularly in demand in the aviation sector. The functions in cimoio are very mature here and can also meet particularly complex technical requirements.

Qualifications management ensures that a company is always able to provide information on which training measures an employee has taken part in, or whether he or she fulfills a certain condition (e.g. coming of age). This information can be used in a wide variety of scenarios: e.g., to automatically set a new qualification after successful participation in a training course. Or to check who does not yet have a qualification, to automatically invite them and much more.

Already from these two examples it becomes clear,  that it satisfies technical requirements, in particular for the subject of compulsory training and regulation. Since the technical requirements in this area – especially in aviation – can be very complex, training here makes sense. Topics of this webinar at the end of 2022 included:

  • Terminology in qualification management
  • Data relation: qualifications – partner data set
  • Data relation: qualifications – educational products
  • Qualification Profiles
  • Manage qualifications
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • waiting period
  • Reminder runs and car bookings

Webinar on using the learning materials – status: published

The next topic on which we will offer a webinar from April 20th, 2023 is the use of learning materials to support different learning scenarios.

By learning scenarios we understand the distinction between training courses that:

  • take place 100% in presence – i.e. a trainer stands in front of a group – or
  • take place 100% online – via any communication software, such as vitero or GoTo-Webinar – or
  • hybrid training, in which face-to-face training is transmitted online, thus combining both ideas
  • or blended learning, in which training (regardless of whether online or in person) with a teacher is supplemented by digital elements – or a digital concept is supplemented by face-to-face units.

In all of these learning scenarios, different technical ways are mixed to impart knowledge. This presents cimoio users with the challenge of how to integrate digital content into cimoio to ensure that it is available to participants at the right time. To do this, users must be clear about the options, the advantages, disadvantages and functional consequences.

Topics in this webinar will include:

  • Classroom seminars and attached documents
  • Digital documents attached to the product, event and booking
  • Use of digital learning materials
  • Differences of files as documents, learning materials and products
  • WBTs (web-based training) as a supplement to face-to-face seminars
  • Presence seminar with learning plan
  • direct learning plan

You can still register for this training – the training is only available in german language!

Webinar on using the training products – Status: In planning

This webinar is under discussion as the next topic. Training products are the templates in cimoio for planning events based on them.

However, it is probably understandable that a training product for a multi-day conference with several parallel events is designed differently than a purely digital learning plan or a one-hour face-to-face event.

As a result, we offer various templates. This makes it necessary for cimoio users to know how they behave and for what purpose they are offered.

Promised for a long time – now finally in series!

As STL GmbH, we have talked to our customers several times in the past about the topic of “information transfer”. So far, however, there has been a lack of capacity to organize this.

At the end of 2022 we finally started to offer the first webinar on using cimoio.

Our first approach was to provide information on selected special topics for one day. However, since most of the interested people did not see the opportunity to take a whole day off for this in the first round of feedback, we offered these eight hours spread over several days. We received positive feedback for this. It also opened up the possibility for participants to decide to keep all appointments. Or alternatively to decide not to take part in appointments on topics about which they had already obtained information from other sources or had already gained their own experience in cimoio.

The selection of topics depends on where we get the most internal queries. However, with software like cimoio, which adapts very closely to the requirements of our customers, it is difficult to create a training course that satisfies “everyone”. Therefore, these webinars cover the basic possibilities with a standard installation of cimoio.

Specific customer or project-related inquiries can then be clarified in discussions with the project supervisor. Alternatively, these webinars can also be requested as individual customer-specific training and then relate exclusively to the needs of a customer or project.

Contact us!

If you are interested in such an individual solution, please contact your customer advisor or write to us using the contact form.

We also look forward to your comments on our webinars! Do you have a topic in cimoio that you would like to see as a webinar? Let us know!