Reference: Zentralstelle für Prüfungsaufgaben (ZPA) – Nord-West

(Central Office for Examination Tasks North-West)

– Success story with cimoio

This reference comes from the Zentralstelle für Prüfungsaufgaben (Central Office for Examination) (ZPA) Nord-West. ZPA is an organisation based in Cologne and jointly supported by the chambers of industry and commerce of the federal states of Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein.

The organisation is responsible for coordinating the preparation of examination questions. They bring together specialist committees to prepare the nationally standardised intermediate and final examinations of the chambers of industry and commerce in currently 42 commercial and commercial-related training occupations.

A solution was sought to coordinate the meetings with the specialised committees and other bodies that is strong in event management.

The three blue letters V G H of the insurer group Hannover with the state coat of arms of the federal state lower saxony, a white horse on a red shield


We would like to thank STL GmbH for their wonderful work in the further development and digitalisation of our requirements in cimoio-Event. It is a pleasure to work with the STL team. Everyone in the team is professional, excellent and committed. It is thanks to them that we were able to achieve our goal on time. With cimoio, our participants now have the option of online booking and online invoicing for our sessions, regardless of time and location.

Keep up the good work – we look forward to further cooperation and a long partnership!

Ralf Lange

Deputy Head, Zentralstelle für Prüfungsaufgaben Nord-West


The ZPA regularly organises meetings of its specialist committees, in which the examination tasks are prepared by volunteer examiners. The travelling expenses of the examiners are reimbursed by the ZPA. The processes for this have varied to date and were characterised by manual activities at the time.

The organisation of the events with regard to the necessary resources such as travel funds, hotel accommodation and conference rooms for the meetings was to be optimised. In addition, the ZPA wanted to utilise software that would map the accounting of travel expenses alongside event management. Until then, this function did not exist in cimoio, as cimoio had previously only been used to invoice training courses internally or to bill a customer.


Because fulfilling individual customer requirements with cimoio is STL GmbH’s speciality, the team first compared cimoio’s standard processes with ZPA’s processes. They then implemented the process for entering travel requests at the time of booking and for invoicing travel expenses after the meeting.

The concept of meetings to which several participants are invited is identical to training management. It was therefore easy to implement the functional requirements of the ZPA at this point. cimoio already had accounting functions. Therefore, only the travel requests had to be entered and forwarded to Travel Management. In addition, an input option for receipts and travel times was created for the participants. The process was completed with a control function for checking completeness and arithmetical accuracy. Finally, the payments are now also provided as a SEPA file for import into the banking software.


By switching to cimoio, the processes were digitalised and automated. On the one hand, the registration process for events and communication with travel management have been standardised in line with the ZPA’s travel policy. On the other hand, the invoicing and payment of travel expenses has been significantly accelerated.

Link to the website of ZPA Nord-West

The ZPA North-West training catalogue is not public and is reserved for committee participants only. You can obtain non-binding information about the company on the website.