Reference: JARO Institut – success story with cimoio

The JARO Institute has been researching and imparting knowledge on questions about sustainability and digitization since 2018. It was already planned to offer knowledge transfer online via the JARO Academy but this plan was accelerated by the COVID pandemic. Therefore, when selecting the service provider, it was important to find a provider that largely met the requirements and could close the remaining gaps quickly and reliably. In addition, the data center should be in Germany and work with certified green electricity.


With STL GmbH as a partner, we were able to implement our complex requirements for cimoio regarding the individualized offer of our products in a short time. As a result, we have successfully entered the market with our online catalog and product portfolio. For this we use a data center in Germany that uses certified green electricity.

Yvonne Jamal

Project Lead Business, JARO Academy

Steffi Kirchberger

Projekt Lead technical, JARO Services GmbH


Through research and networking, the JARO Institute has laid the foundation for a rich training portfolio. But not every training element is interesting for everyone: depending on the industry and products, the size of the company or your own role, it should therefore be possible for learners to set priorities. That is why the JARO Institute has opted for a modular principle in which the learners themselves choose which learning content to focus on. This high degree of individualization for the learner combined with efficient maintenance and administration in the backend was the focus of the implementation of the digital academy.

While complex learning plans are already available in the cimoio standard, the STL GmbH still had to implement enabling the learner to choose a limited number of trainings from 40 individual modules in the sense of self-organized learning. For this purpose, a minimum and a maximum number of modules are defined, which are included when purchasing a curriculum. In addition, a certification of the ZFU (Germany’s National Central Office for Distance Learning) was sought with content and system processes.


STL GmbH iteratively implemented the requirements of the JARO Institute. The learning plans were designed as desired – in particular the usage restrictions. In the certification phase, the ZFU’s change requirements were implemented quickly and efficiently.

The JARO Academy consists of the cimoio basis module supplemented with all the necessary elements to be able to play our digital content in high quality. The learners are also subjected to an examination in order for us to be able to award them a certificate. Feedback is also a relevant element to ask for possible improvements from the user’s perspective, especially in the market entry phase. In addition, the online catalog with the registration process for new customers and the shopping cart process were essential.


The web shop has been live since 2020 and the feedback from customers has been consistently positive in terms of content and use.

The customers of the JARO Academy are very pleased that they are not forced into the rigid construct of a monolithic and linear learning plan but can decide for themselves in many places which focal points and accents they want to set in the course.

If you are interested, all learning units can be ordered and learned – or complete curricula can be booked. The JARO Academy easily copes with the growing number of participants thanks to the scalable system.

Link to the online catalog of the JARO Academy