Reference: Sparkassenakademie Baden-Württemberg – success story with cimoio

This reference is for the Sparkassenakademie (Academy of German Savings Banks) Baden-Württemberg. The academy is part of the Sparkassenverband (German Savings Banks Association) Baden-Württemberg (SVBW). The SVBW represents the interests of 50 savings banks and their municipal sponsors. Its member institutes employ almost 35,000 people in around 2,300 offices.

The Sparkassenakademie sees itself as the leading and modern partner for personnel and organizational development. They are at the heart of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (German Savings Banks Finance Group). It is the educational center of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Baden-Württemberg and its employees. But also a place where the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe meets business, society, science, and politics.


Thanks to cimoio, we manage the academy, hotel- and catering-operations using a single tool – that saves us time and money. Thanks to the flexibility of STL GmbH, we get requirements implemented promptly according to our ideas.

Kai Ernst Knackstedt

Team Lead IT Sparkassenakademie, Sparkassenverband Baden-Württemberg


When the project started in 2001, the Sparkassenakademie needed a digital solution to manage its then two training locations in Baden-Württemberg. For the merging of the locations in 2014 at Pariser Platz in Stuttgart, the Sparkassenakademie decided to control a large part of the technical integration with cimoio.

With the move from the previously two old locations to Stuttgart, the Sparkassenakademie not only wanted to move to the state capital, but also wanted to go modern and digital ways with the technical equipment. Therefore, the old tool landscape was supposed to be switched to a lean and integrated system world. But that meant finding software and a service provider that could ensure the integration of the worlds of training and event management with hotel administration and the deepest possible integration into media and building technology.


The more than two decades of cooperation between STL GmbH and the Sparkassenakademie ensured that STL GmbH gradually expanded cimoio for the academy. This was the perfect preparation for linking cimoio to the hardware and software solutions of the Sparkassenakademie via interfaces when this became necessary due to the move.

The first elements for media control and hotel administration were already in place when the project started. It is thanks to the project team’s commitment to integrating the facility’s services that a large part of the administrative control of the Sparkassenakademie is mapped with a single piece of software: from the programming of the key cards for hotel rooms and conference rooms, the connection of the barcode scanners in the Academy restaurant to the provision of media for the events on the multimedia boards in the event rooms.


cimoio can map many special functions of academy operations. As a result, the data is less distributed, and the data quality is increased. This in turn increases the quality of central reporting.

The central system also significantly reduces the effort, e.g., in relation to training needs for users, because they only need to be incorporated into one piece of software.

In addition, the number of interfaces to systems decreases and with it the coordination efforts between external service providers.

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