Reference: Versicherungsgruppe Hannover (VGH)

The VGH is the largest insurerer under public law in lower saxony, with offers for private and company customers. The VGH does not only use cimoio to care for their about 4.600 employees and sales partners, but via their IT service provider ivv (Informationsverarbeitung für Versicherungen) also the employees of the associated insurers ÖVO (Öffentlichen Versicherungen Oldenburg), ÖSA (Öffentliche Versicherungen Sachchsen-Anhalt) and Alte Oldenburger. As well the employees as the insurance intermediaries are getting very well trained in regard to the insurance portfolio and the fulfillment of state regulatories like IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive). This task is taken over by the departments VGH-sales qualification and the personnel development.

The three blue letters V G H of the insurer group Hannover with the state coat of arms of the federal state lower saxony, a white horse on a red shield


Since the introduction of IDD there is an obligation for training for our target groups. Thanks to cimoio, we mastered the challenges associated with this very good.

Dr. Frank Petzing

Head of department VQ, Versicherungsgruppe Hannover


When the project started in 2014, the target was the introduction of a training management software to digitize processes for further education. Due to modifications to the  regulation of insurance mediation (Versich-erungsvermittlungsverordnung (VersVermV)) a rising documentation effort for proof was expected. The VGH was looking for a digital solution that better fulfilled this need than the personnel software that was used at that time.

Mandatory requirements was, that the administrative organisation of the training events was possible decentralized.


Thanks to an IT-client concept, the legally independent associated insurer cimoio in parallel. They receive Releases at the same time, but each company can develop customizings in their client to adapt cimoio to their needs.

For the decentralized training event management an interface was created that is designed according to the needs of specific roles. The connected processes guarantee that the trainings are carried out in compliance with IDD.


The complexity of processes for further education in the insurer domain has risen with the introduction of IDD. Thanks to cimoio, VGH succeeded in keeping the added efforts under control. By automating and digitizing administrative processes, the VGH is able to deal with the rising requirements.

Thanks to eFeedback also the process for continuous improvement is digitzed. The feedback of customers are taken into account when planning and improving the training portfolio.